Fooby Wooby – What?

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New! Expressions of Scituate

Marshfield Farmer’s Market
December 16 (Sat. 10am-2pm)

Listen up birders! Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds on WATD, 95.9 FM (Marshfield, and others) Sundays, 9:30 – 10:00am

New Items!

Marble Mover

Image of rotating Marble Mover cams

Fightin’ Chance

Bird on suet feeder

Toy boat floating
First toy: “Toy Boat

Fooby Wooby is us. We made the name up, being silly with Maisy, our granddaughter. Soon after, we started Fooby Wooby Woodworks, making handcrafted playthings and wood items that amuse, delight and inspire.

Our silly name reflects a kid’s joy at humor, imagination and originality. Our first creation is a toy named: Toy Boat. It offers a gazillion ways to play – we even started an activity list for you on the Toy Boat page. Try activity #2: Say “Toy Boat” fast five times.

Fooby Wooby – Why?

Image of spinning disk on a length of twine - Tiny Turner
“Tiny Turner” spins like crazy!

Silly and serious, Fooby Wooby Woodworks looks for ways to incite fun, welcome wonder, and sow joy with our toys, games, and habitats. While our goal is to engage young imaginations and inspire learning, the added bonus is — we grownups get to play, too! For example, take Tiny Turner out for a spin! You’ll love it!

Besides Toy Boat and Tiny Turner, we make Gear-Oh and Coin Works and our latest amazement: Marble Mover. We also create colorful Fly Away Home birdhouses and Fightin’ Chance feeders, all using recycled wood.

To simplify online purchasing, we have an Etsy shop. Or, be a locavore and visit us at the Marshfield Farmers Market. Fooby Wooby’s goal is to engage the imagination and inspire learning through handcrafted things. And, have fun doing it!

Fooby Wooby Woodworks – How?

We embrace natural and recycled materials, like wood and fiber. And, we embrace whimsy, child-like fun and simple pleasures. Not only in the things we make, but in the experience of making and sharing them. That means, having fun doing what we do and hoping others will benefit, too. See it in our product descriptions and our happy customers.

Photo of Eric spinning Tiny Turner
Eric spins Tiny Turner into action
Coin Works is FUN!
Coin Works is fun!
Get your Gear-Oh on!
Happy Gear-Oh lad!
Three girls blow their Toy Boats across the toy pond at Marshfield Farmers Market, November 2016.
Festive Toy Boat regatta

For the Birds

New in 2017, we added friendly birdhouses and feeders to our mix. Colorful, fun and functional “Fly Away Home” birdhouses, Owl House, and Fightin’ Chance Upside Down Suet Feeder to name a few.

Image of owl house for Eastern Screech Owl
Who’s Home Owl House


If you’re interested in how we work, visit our Maker Notes section for a behind the scenes look, maker musings and shop talk like Wood, etc.Creating Coin Works, and Spinning out Tiny Turner.

Fooby Wooby Woodworks – Where?

Fooby Wooby table at Marshfield Farmers Market
Fooby Wooby table at Marshfield Farmers Market

We sell our products direct to customers, such as Piecing The Puzzle (ABA therapists) and at the Marshfield Farmers Market. We also sell online via Etsy at

Fooby Wooby Woodworks crafts and plays in Marshfield, Massachusetts. If you’re not from around these parts you should know Marshfield is in Plymouth County, home of foremothers and forefathers, Plymouth Rock, Plimoth Plantation, Daniel Webster, Humarock Beach, lobstah, Red Sox and Patriots fans galore.

Massachusetts map with Marshfield,
Marshfield, MA
Picture of Plymouth Rock
THE Plymouth Rock

Fooby Wooby Woodworks – Products

We make stuff by hand that fills a niche for care-giving engagement – no factories. Only handcrafted goodness. Visit our product pages for more information on: Coin Works, Fightin’ Chance, Fly Away HomeGear-Oh, Marble MoverTiny Turner and Toy Boat. Share the joy!